Happy Birthday Lilly Pulitzer


Lilly Pulitzer. To many, she is the creator of a brand that projects classic, colorful style. However, to me, Lilly was a lady who knew what being happy was, and she put her happiness into the clothes she created. Her timeless quotes parallel the style in which she unintentionally initially created. Every so often, I open my planner to the front page and read her story. It's a simple reminder that something huge can come out of something so little, and unintentional actions can make such a change. Her company encompasses the idea that everyday can be a party, and a little pink makes all the difference.

Today, I am celebrating her birthday in a simple way. Just how her creation of her first shift dress was simple. I kept my outfit relatively simple with a pop of color, perfect for hiding any juice stains. While this scarf isn't necessarily in season, it is one of my favorite prints as it incorporates so many colors and simply makes me happy. Lilly said it best, "Being happy never goes out of style."

As for the rest of my outfit, I paired the scarf with a thick cream cable-knit sweater and this Lands End coat. Both are perfect for the fall and wintertime and keep me warm outside. These jeans are super comfy and I am in love with the color for this time of year. I wore my Hunters as I took these pictures on a bit of a rainy day. The coat and scarf were the perfect pop of color against the gloomy

Today is not only about celebrating Lilly, but celebrating what she encouraged everyone to do -- to enjoy life, be happy, and never forget a little pink and green!

How are you celebrating Lilly's birthday?

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