School Bag Organization

As the summer slowly but surely comes to an end, I thought I would share how I organized my school bag last year. Ultimately, everyone has to organize their school bag in the way that works best for them, however I thought it may be helpful to some if I shared how I organize my own bag. Remember, the best way to succeed is to do whatever works best for you!

To begin with, I use a large, black Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag for my school bag. This bag is honestly my Mary Poppins bag. It fits everything. No matter how heavy the homework load is, I can almost always fit everything in there. In my bag, I carry two folders, one I use to keep my homework for my morning classes and one to keep my homework for my afternoon classes. I also keep a notebook, book, Lilly Pulitzer agenda, iPad, and Vera Bradley makeup bag containing pencils, pens, highlighters, and a calculator.
I have learned that using one folder for morning homework and one folder for my afternoon homework is what works best for me. I have folders for my individual classes that contain any worksheets and notes I will not need for that night’s homework. If I think I may need it for my homework, I put it in my homework folder. This is how I feel organized because all my notes and worksheets don’t get mixed together and it makes things easier to find.

The notebook in my bag is a Vera Bradley composition notebook that I use to write down any blog post ideas I have during school, any random notes for class if I don’t have a notebook for that class with me, or anything else that I need it for during the day. It is easier to write things down as they pop in my head then to forget them and frustrate myself later! I keep track of my assignments in a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. There is so much room to write everything down and I have found it very, very useful! My iPad is for my school classes and I take it everywhere. I really enjoyed having it last year. As I said earlier, I use a Vera Bradley makeup bag to hold my pencils, pens, post-its, and everything else that is too small to lay by itself in my bag. I have the medium sized makeup bag and it fits everything I need.

Again, it’s most important to organize your bag in the way that works best for you! I organized my bag in this way last year and I plan on doing the same for this year. Organization, as I have learned, is extremely key in school and I am glad I have finally found what works best for me!

How do you organize your school bag?



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