Greenline Goods City Map Cocktail Glasses


Something that looks a little different in post-grad life compared to college is Happy Hour, but I still enjoy a good cocktail on the weekends. 😉 While at home I’ve had fun on weekends trying different beverages. I also have started building a collection of wine and cocktail glasses that I can enjoy using in my new apartment (more on that coming soon!).


I recently received these fun glasses from Greenline Goods. They have a street-grid map of Chicago etched on them.  I love being able to spot different locations I know and love while enjoying a delicious cocktail. I know I’ll be glad to have this piece of home when I move.


The 10 ounce glasses are a great weight and because they are etched it’s safe to put them in the dishwasher without worry of losing the map.


Greenline Goods offers the City Map collection for many other popular U.S. cities as well. Whether you're looking for a birthday, holiday or graduation gift, these glasses are a great personal gift. You can purchase as a pair or individually. It would be fun to build a collection of different locations. 


They also offer other sketched designs like city skylines and dog breeds making it easy to find a personalized gift for anyone on your list. 


You can use my code KATHLEEN15 for 15% off your Greenline Goods order. 


What city would you love to have in your glass? I'd love to hear!

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