Tips for Having a Productive Sunday



Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I’m sure I’m not the only one with a love/hate relationship with Sundays. I love having a day to get everything done, but sometimes the looming week ahead can bring the Sunday scaries!


Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried incorporating a few different activities into my routine to help start my week on the right foot. I’ve found continuing these tasks each week helps and hope they may be helpful for you as well.


Fill out your planner as much as possible

In 2020, schedules are more unpredictable than ever. There is nothing worse than waking up on a Monday and realizing you forgot to do something you wanted to get done over the weekend. In an effort to feel as though I got as much done as I possibly could over the weekend, I go class by class to see any upcoming assignments for the week, and I try to schedule any meetings for extra curriculars into my calendar. I’m not always entirely successful at getting everything done for the week ahead, but at least having it on my radar and seeing when I will work on items throughout the week is really helpful.


Get your laundry done

When I lived in the dorm and in my sorority house, everyone had this same idea on the weekend. I am a firm believer though that having clean clothes and/or sheets and towels to start the week is a huge help. The earlier you can get up to snag an empty washing machine, the better! I like to get my laundry done all at once on the weekend so I don’t have to worry about it during the week.


Go to bed early

Anyone else feel like time moves at a different speed on a Sunday night? One minute the clock says 7 p.m., the next it’s 11 p.m. Making an effort to get to bed at a reasonable hour is a great way to start the week feeling energized rather than exhausted. Sometimes a late Sunday night is unavoidable, but the earlier I can get to bed, the better I feel when my alarm goes off on Monday.


Do something for you

Whether it’s treating yourself to a coffee, baking cookies for the week ahead or taking an extra long shower, I find that doing something for myself on Sunday helps me start the week feeling a little better. We all need some extra self-care this year and taking a little time to do something you enjoy on a Sunday is a great way to help feel like the weekend was productive and renewing.


Do you have any tips for having a productive Sunday? I’d love to hear!

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