Tips for E-Learning and Working from Home


Anyone else feel like they hit a slump while studying or working from home? I felt pretty productive toward the start of quarantine but hit a slump about two weeks ago. I was not getting much done and found it hard to stay motivated. I like to consider myself a highly motivated person and wanted to get out of this funk ASAP!

I changed my routine a bit and wanted to share what helped me maximize my day better. Obviously, times are crazy right now, so there will be different strokes for different folks. I hope that this may help some of you too!

Schedule your day by hour
At the beginning of the week, I like to schedule out my week and look at the deadlines I have coming up. I schedule chunks of time to work on each assignment, test or even just random to dos. This helps me feel like each hour has a purpose and I can see when my day will end. While my days at school felt very long, I have made my quarantine days closer to 9-5, which opens up my evenings to just chill out with my family or Facetime with friends.

Write a to-do before starting your day
Anyone else love the feeling of crossing things off your to-do list? It’s one of my favorite feelings, and I found that writing these to-do lists helps me feel more accomplished at the end of the day. I write down activities I do daily anyway like replying to emails because I love looking at the list and feeling like it was a productive day. I recommend doing this first thing in the morning to help start on the right foot.

Drink lots of water
I have been drinking much more water at home, partially because refilling my glass gives me a reason to stand up and take a short break every once and a while. Being stationary all day has made me feel super sluggish, but drinking water helps me feel hydrated and not so bleh. It’s a super easy way to help yourself get a little break and keep your body happy.

Schedule breaks
When I map out my days, I make sure to incorporate time for a lunch break or even just stepping away from my computer. Whether its back-to-back Zoom meetings or taking a test, it’s important to step away and give your brain a break! I recommend giving yourself a time limit so that the break doesn’t go too long and you lose your productivity, but I have to admit I’m still working on this myself.

Get dressed
I love my PJ sets and would stay in them all day if it meant my productivity didn’t see a dip. But even just putting on leggings and a sweater help me feel a tad bit more ready to get something done. I totally recommend embracing the quarantine wardrobe, but suggest an outfit that’s a step up from PJs ;).

What are your tips for staying motivated and finding a groove in these weird times?


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