Tips for Starting the Semester on the Right Foot


Happy spring semester! I’m not sure about you, but for me winter break seemed to fly by. I’m so thankful I was able to go home and enjoy some R&R, but it is nice to be back in a routine here at school.

My big and I were talking last weekend about how it feels good to be on a schedule, but transitioning into a new semester can be challenging. Finding your groove with a new schedule and classes can be unwelcomed change after feeling comfortable and liking the structure of the previous semester.

While I am no means an expert on adjusting to change, there are a few things I’ve picked up over the past few semesters that make going back to class a bit easier.

Get an agenda that works for you.
I use my Day Designer religiously and love how it helps me plan out my days hour by hour. Whether it’s a detailed planner, open space planner or digital calendar, finding what works best for you is key. Using my agenda helps me stay on top of those early deadlines and creates structure in my day by knowing what I needed to accomplish in just one glance. Using it those first few days of classes helps me feel a bit more in control of my day, especially coming from break where I’m not working with deadlines.

Add dates to your agenda ASAP.
Before classes really pick up, I like to sit down with each syllabus and add important dates to my calendar. No one likes the feeling of a deadline or test day sneaking up on them, so this is a great time to map out the semester to plan accordingly. 

Clean your room and do your laundry. 
Perhaps some spring cleaning isn’t the most fun, but starting the semester with a clean room and fresh laundry helps me feel like I’m starting the semester on the right foot. When schoolwork picks up, I’ll prioritize that over cleaning. Taking the time now to do these more time-consuming tasks helps me feel like my life is a bit more put together.

Prep your workspace.
Before school started, I made folders on my computer desktop for each class, added new labels in my email inbox, and put all of last semester’s work in folders with previous semesters. These are quick tasks to complete while watching TV and helped me organize my first few class documents. There’s nothing worse than trying to create a folder to save the syllabus to as the entire class is heading out the door. Creating these folders and labels ahead of time is one less thing on your to do list later.

What are your tips for starting the semester on the right foot?

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