Lloving Paperless Post


Fun fact: my little and I met through Let’s Get Preppy! One of the many reasons I love being in a sorority is the friendships I’ve made with my “family.” I was so excited about finding a little after my big and I became such close friends my freshman year. Little did I know the perfect addition to our family would come through the blog!

Last year when I posted what I wore for sorority recruitment, a follower messaged me on Instagram saying how helpful it was. I could tell she was going to be a freshman at Alabama based on her bio, but because of Panhellenic’s no contact period before recruitment, I couldn’t reply to her. I remembered her name as I wanted to see which house she picked. On the morning of Bid Day, I helped prepare welcome signs, and sure enough, Daisy’s name was on our house’s new member list. I was so happy I got to welcome her home to Gamma Phi as her Bid Day Big and we connected instantly.

Just a few weeks later, my grandbig, big and I added Daisy to our family. Daisy always makes us laugh, loves a good Target run, and is always down to watch a Netflix movie (with snacks, of course). So many of my best memories of sophomore year include her, and I can’t wait for the next two years too. Daisy is the perfect addition to our family, and I’m so thankful the blog connected us a year ago!

One of the many common interests Daisy and I have is a love for llamas. Whether it was dressing up as a llama and Taco Mama (our fav restaurant in Tuscaloosa) for a Rhyme Without Reason party or decorating for Christmas with llama decorations, we love how fun and colorful they are. Daisy is a camp counselor this summer, and her cabin’s theme is llamas. How cute is that?!

When Paperless Post reached out to me about collaborating, I knew just who I wanted to send a card to. While my big also lives in Chicago and I get to see her during the summer, Daisy is at camp in North Carolina. I miss seeing her every day and wanted to send her something to let her know I was thinking of her. I love sending handwritten cards, but I was excited that I could send her something instantly and personalized to her style. Paperless Post has an assortment of cards that are great as invitations, cards or any event that should be celebrated. I quickly found this llama card that I knew would be perfect to send to Daisy. 

Though the card was originally intended as an invitation, the cards are completely customizable and I was able to turn it into a “just because” sort of message. After selecting the card, I changed the background to pink (our favorite color) and personalized the text with my note. Picking out the card was fun, but changing the details to make it right for Daisy was so special. Whether it was the color of the text, the interior of the envelope, or the stamp outside, there were so many options to choose from and it easy to change the design. In the end, I was so happy with how the card turned out, and the whole process was stress-free. I added a subject line, sent it via email, and she texted me that she got the card instantly. 

With the vast variety of cards, I know I will be using Paperless Post again in the future. Between birthdays, holidays and those “just because” moments, I love the idea of making someone’s day by sending a personalized card. I was so impressed by how easy it was to put the card together and how fun it was to design it too. 

I can’t wait to see Daisy in August and loved being able to send her a llamazing card to stay in touch over the summer. Who knows, maybe I’ll be sending a card to my grandlittle next summer!

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