Dorm Room Organizers


If you’re anything like me, decorating a room is exciting and fun. I began planning my freshman year dorm room before I even decided on a school and have already begun thinking about how I will organize my room for next year. I love picking out fun pillows, wall decorations, and figuring out where I will put everything. But one important part of living in a small space is organization so that all your belongings have a spot. Avoiding clutter can make the room feel so much bigger!

I incorporated a few organizers in my room this year that I use every day. Each has its own purpose and makes my surfaces feel clean. It’s so nice to feel that everything has a place and makes cleaning my room that much easier.

This handy holder is a product I used in my room at home before coming to school. With three spacious spots, it can hold multiple hot tools and has a spot for the cords in the back. Since I only store my straightener and hairdryer here, I like to keep my brushes in the third spot. I love that this organizer helps keep the surface clean and prevents the surface from getting too hot!

I received this organizer in my Christmas stocking this year and it has to be one of my most used gifts. With a lamp on my bedside table, there isn’t too much surface space, so I love putting my TV remote, phone, and Apple Watch here at night instead of just scattered about. It also helps me from losing my remote in my bed. This organizer isn’t limited to serving on a bed side table and I think it would work great on a desk too.

Speaking of desk organizers, this Poppin paper and desk organizer is one of my favorite items I got for my room. The top layer holds all of my smaller desk supplies like my stapler, tape, and extra pencils. Having my paper stored beneath keeps everything in one place and helps give me more room to work since it is compact. This also works great as a graduation present as I gave this same product to many of my friends!

Jewelry Organizers
There are few things more frustrating than tangled necklaces and bracelets or losing an earring. This necklace holder helps keep my necklaces from getting tangled and I also use it to store excess bracelets and dangle earrings. The matching bracelet holder is so nice as it is super easy to slide my bracelets on and off. It’s fun to display my jewelry and a huge time saver to never have to untangle anything!

What are your favorite organizers for living in a small space?



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