Monogram Mayhem with Sunshine Vinyl


It probably comes as no surprise that I subscribe to the motto "if it moves, monogram it!"  And, since I am a student and spend the majority of my day surrounded by school supplies, I love to add a touch of color and fun to my notebooks and folders.  One of the best ways I have found to personalize my school supplies is with vinyl decals. 

Recently, I received these colorful monogram decals from Sunshine Vinyl.  I love how the pink script monogram on my folder adds an extra personal touch. After the academic day ends, I am usually at school a couple additional hours for clubs and activities. I keep this folder for all my clubs and activities.  It is a great place to keep track of papers relating to deadlines, service hours and thespian points.   

With such a long day, I often need to charge my phone and in a sea of similar charging cords, I love that I can spot my customized cord with this fun gold monogram. 

I also tuck a Lilly tumbler in my bag, it is great to have on hand and fill with water as I move from activity to activity.  And since it is moving with me, of course it needs a monogram.

I love working with Sarah at Sunshine Vinyl!  So, if you are looking to add a monogram or two to your supplies, check out her shop:


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