Petite Packing


With Easter this weekend and a few other long weekends in the mix this spring, I have already begun making my packing list. It can be tricky packing during the springtime, the weather can be questionable, the occasion may require something dressier than typical weekend wear, and packing light is always ideal when it comes to traveling just for a weekend. So, keeping this in mind, here is my packing list for springtime weekend getaways!

Note: a travel outfit for me typically would be an oxford and jeans with Sperrys--items I can rewear while on the trip itself

Two bottoms (jeans, white jeans, paper bag skirt, etc.)
Two tops that could be worn interchangeably with the bottoms
One versatile cardigan that works with both tops
One dress that could be dressed up or down
One pair of spare shoes

Depending on where I'm travelling, I might throw in a pair of sandals as well.

That's it! And, this Vera Bradley weekender is the perfect bag to carry it all. Look close, it's a Disney pattern bag. What could be more fun. Now if I was only headed to Disney!

What do you like to pack for a weekend trip?

Happy travels!


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