When Winter Beats Me


Temperatures are changing daily here. One day the temperatures are in the negative numbers, and the next it's 40 degrees. This constant change in temperatures made me sick recently and, unfortunately, I know this has been true for many people as well. So, I thought I would share how I try to make a day of feeling miserable somewhat enjoyable and relaxing.

1. Netflix
On days when you do not feel well enough to do much of anything a little entertainment is always a good idea.  Even though I finished all six seasons, I love watching some of my favorite episodes of Gossip Girl. It always makes me smile no matter how I feel. If you've never watched Gossip Girl, I highly recommend it. If I'm up for a movie, you'll probably find me curled up watching an Audrey movie. On most days, I do not have time to watch much TV,  so it's incredibly relaxing to just sit and watch a show (or five...). 

2. Reading Blog Posts and Writing Blog Ideas
A day home is a great chance to catch up on blogs that I haven’t had a chance to read with my busy schedule. Many of my favorite bloggers post on a daily basis, so there is always something new to read on my Bloglovin' feed. I also start thinking of ideas and making a list for my own blog.

3. Take a Hot Shower
Long, hot showers that involve great smelling soap are so nice. For me, they are so relaxing and when you are not feeling well can sooth your aches and pains.  Plus, if my sinuses are really hurting, the heat/steam helps clear them, making me feel better, too. And, when I get out, using a great lotion to moisturize my dry skin (thanks winter...) also helps me get  rid of some of the icky feeling that being sick brings.

4. Reading
Along with catching up with blogs, I spend time reading my independent reading book for school. During the week it can be difficult with plenty of other schoolwork to find time to read, so reading my book on a day off let’s me get ahead for the next few days. One less thing to worry about with the makeup work!

Eat well and exercise often to try and stay healthy!  But, if you do get sick, I'd love to hear how you relax on a sick day.


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