Christmastime in the City


Christmas in Chicago. These three words automatically bring a smile to my face. I really can't express my love for the city and all the Christmastime festivities that come around this time of year. 

Living fairly close to the city my family has been able to develop a few holiday traditions downtown. My personal favorite is eating by the Christmas tree at Macy's or for true Chicagoans Marshall Field’s on State Street. (Sorry Macy’s I know the name changed year’s ago, but it just part of the vernacular.) Each year the tree is decorated differently and my family always makes it a priority to visit every Christmastime.

On Friday, we went downtown and were seated right next to the tree. We really couldn't have been closer. This year the tree changed colors every few minutes. There were blue, red, and green stages and each had a specific theme. During each stage an image was projected on the ceiling.  I heard someone describe it as being more than a tree, but rather a light show. It couldn't have been any prettier. Unfortunately, you had to catch the lights at the right moment to get the perfect picture.  So, in all my pictures with the tree behind me, the tree was dark. 

If you get the chance to eat at The Walnut a Room in Macy's during Christmastime any year, I highly suggest you take the opportunity. It is such a fun experience and a great way to get in the Christmas spirit! I suggest the famous pot pie -- a tradition since 1905. I get it every year and it is so tasty!

Do you have any family traditions at Christmastime?

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