Taylor Swfit 1989 World Tour in Chicago

A few weeks ago, my cousin, Katie arrived for the Taylor Swift 1989 concert and to visit Chicago for a few days. Because we had both wanted to see Taylor in concert together for years, our excitement could not be contained all afternoon! After a quick lunch and getting ready, we headed downtown for the concert.
A quick picture stop at the Bean before eating dinner was just about all we had time for prior to the concert. Once we made it to Solider Field, we were just in time to hear Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, and Haim open for Taylor. All of these artists were so talented and we both really enjoyed the openings!
To sum it up, the concert was incredible. Taylor (as usual), was perfect. The stage, lighting, dances, and costumes were so well done. One amazing and unique aspect of the concert was the individual lighted wristbands worn by the audience.  Every person in the audience received their own wristband as they entered Soldier Field. The wristbands all began lighting when Taylor took the stage.  Then they were synchronized with different colors of flashing light that went perfectly with the “feel,” beats, and big moments in each song. It was so cool to experience the crowd around me as well as a whole show on stage, too!
Taylor brought two guests on stage with her which was such a fun surprise. Andy Grammar sang "Honey I'm Good" and everyone sang along! Serayah from the TV show Empire and the Bad Blood music video came on a bit later. Both guests were perfect additions to the show. 
At the end of the night, I ran into a reader (it was so nice to meet you, Gina!) and was completely taken aback at the fact that I had met two readers in a three day period. It was surreal! I never really thought I’d meet my readers.  However, the experience, while a little crazy, is such fun. 

The night was flawless and I will never let it go (anyone catch my refernce? ;) ). It was amazing to hear Taylor in concert and I will never forget being in stadium with 55,000 other Taylor fans screaming and singing along. Truly a wonderful night!

Have you ever been to a Taylor Swift concert?



  1. Love this so much. So jealous you got to go <3

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