Gifts for the 20-Something Over $100


"Big ticket" means something different to everyone, so this gift guide includes items that are more than $100 and thus quite a range of price points beyond that. However, they're all items that I think a 20-something could get frequent use out of, which you likely already know is my favorite type of gift to give or receive. This is another gift guide I hope will help if you're on the hunt for a perfect gift for someone in this age range or need some ideas on what to ask for yourself.

Several of these items I own myself — either from being gifted by someone or purchasing after big personal milestones. Others are items I have on my mind or know friends who love them. Some may feel pretty generic, but I like to think they're popular for a reason! 

Breaking down my thoughts and/or recommendations on each item below.

Lake Pajamas: I know a few friends who have Lake Pajamas (most own multiple sets) and just absolutely adore them. Between the soft fabric and pretty styles, I see why! This is potentially a good gift for the girl who has it all — who doesn't love PJs?

Barbour Beadnell Jacket: I've had my Barbour for just about 3 years now and love pulling it out anytime the temperatures are between 40-60 degrees. The style is so timeless, it works well with any outfit, and the quality can't be beat. It was especially great in the South when it wasn't quite cold enough for my big puffer coat, and I continue to wear it throughout the fall and spring here in NYC. Definitely one of the best staples in my closet.

Weezie Robe: I got a Weezie Robe at a sale pop-up here in the city this summer, and I literally have worn it everyday since. It's a soft, terry fabric which is just what I want to put on before and after a shower. The prints are classic, and I know I'll enjoy mine for years to come. Did I mention you can personalize them?!

Nap Dress: I've had my Nap Dress for a few months now and didn't anticipate just how many times I'd wear it. It's so comfortable while looking put-together, making it a go-to for me when it's warm or for long days. There are so many different prints and patterns for many occasions!

Apple Watch: Perhaps a pretty basic idea, but definitely one that fits a variety of gift recipients. Whether you're shopping for a fitness guru eager to track their steps or someone who can't be near their phone all day but still wants to be in-the-know, I truly believe anyone can find a purpose for an Apple Watch in their life. Plus there are so many cute bands these days, too!

Away Suitcase: A suitcase brand that is popular for a reason! I likely will be in the market in the next year or so for a new suitcase and think an Away will be the way to go. The reviews are insanely positive, and I'm looking for something more durable in the future. I like that this one is two-toned so it would be easy to spot on a baggage carousel if you check it. 

Vejas: I've had my Vejas for a few months now and wish I had gotten them sooner. They're the most comfortable white sneaker I've owned, and I wear white sneakers frequently. I like that these are comfortable for walking around the city all day and easy to clean afterward.

Hokas: I love my Hokas — they're cute and comfy! The design is so lightweight and cushiony, making them ideal for walking miles around the city. I feel like you can never have too many pairs of walking or running shoes, and these are a great choice.

Tan Camera Crossbody Bag: I tend to stick to a single purse for a while and am not one to change it with every outfit. I like the idea of investing in a nice purse that I know I'd use often and would hold all my things. I really like this tan crossbody style and what really sold me was that you can engrave the leather with your initials or monogram. So chic and personal!

Barrington St. Charles Yacht Tote: Not a day goes by where I do not use my St. Anne tote, including when I'm traveling. It likely won't come as a surprise, but I tend to be an overpacker, especially when going home to Chicago. I've been eyeing the St. Charles tote to give me a little extra room to fit a few more items and not have to worry about being able to zip my bag or that I'm going to hurt the straps. While travel was how I saw myself using it initially, I know I'd get frequent use out of it like I do my St. Anne.

Barrington St. Anne Tote: The last paragraph is a nice segue into why I love my St. Anne tote. While its primary function right now is my work bag, I use it for travel, errands and really anytime I need more space than my belt bag. It's such an incredible quality and a perfect gift for someone just starting out in their career. I also love this Amazon organizer that helps me keep track of all my items, big or small, inside. The large organizer fits perfectly in the St. Anne.

Gold Beaded Bracelets: Gold beaded bracelets are versatile and work with any outfit or stack. I've had fun trying out the style with this set from Amazon, but unfortunately, they tarnish somewhat easily and don't keep their color. I've heard great reviews of the Bauble Bar version and think this is a great gift for someone who likes the style but perhaps doesn't want to spend the money on herself. Another item that I definitely think would get frequent, if not daily, wear!

Dyson Airwarp: It seemed like quite a few people got the Dyson Airwrap for Christmas last year, and I was tempted to try it for myself. I ended up getting it in early summer after I hit a big personal milestone, and it's safe to say I get the hype. I love the way my hair curls when using it and that the heat is less aggressive than other hair dryers I've used. While pricey, I know I'll get my money's worth and use it for years to come with all the different ways I can style my hair.

Estelle Colored Glasses: How fun is this colorful stemless set? Such a perfect gift idea for someone who's in their first apartment or looking to spice up their bar cart. The colors are gorgeous, and the recipient is sure to be the hostess with the mostess with these.

Dyson Vacuum: Am I officially in my mid-20s if a vacuum is included my gift guides? Jokes aside, this thing does wonders. My mom has one for our home and I'm always impressed (and somewhat grossed out) by all it's able to pick up. Another gift that I think is thoughtful if the rcceipient likely wouldn't spend the money herself!

David Yurman: A love for the classic cable styles of David Yurman is definitely a product of my time in the South, but I'm not complaining. I got my Yurman bracelet for Christmas years ago and wear it everyday. The combination of gold and silver make it great to wear with every type of jewelry and are easy to wear on their own or in a stack.

Kindle: I love to read, but don't have very many places to store books and often do most of my reading when traveling. I've toyed with the idea of a kindle because it's size is ideal, and you can connect it with your library to borrow ebooks. The kind of gift that keeps giving all year round. ;)

Happy shopping!

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