A Day at Six Flags Great America


Rollercoasters, chicken nuggets, and sunshine -- these elements make for the perfect weekend, and describe last Saturday in a nut shell. Over the weekend, I went to Six Flags Great America with my brother and two of my cousins. It was the best day and filled with fun from the moment we arrived until the moment we left!

The Six Flags Great America park is located in Gurnee, Illinois which is another suburb my the area. The park has a variety of rides for all ages and thrill levels making it a great getaway for any and all. I was absolutely thrilled to have a day of adventure and explore a park full of endless entertainment!

My bother, cousins, and I arrived at the park near opening and headed straight for the park's newest coaster -- The Joker. The loopy track and upside down maneuvers definitely woke me up and got me ready for a day of more coasters. I had so much fun on this unique ride and have never been on anything like it. We went on four more exciting rides before taking a break for lunch to fuel up for an afternoon of five other rides!

It started to become overcast around lunchtime and we were worried it might begin to rain. We decided to seek some cover and eat lunch. I had chicken nuggets and they did not disappoint. There's just something about amusement park food that's just so tasty. Add fries and Diet Coke to the mix and I was prepared for the afternoon.

Luckily, the rain held off and sunshine came back out. With such great weather, none of the outdoor attractions were closed and we were able to ride everything on our list. One of my favorite rides was Goliath. This coaster is also one of the newer rides and almost completely wooden. With a drop that is practically perpendicular to the ground and multiple sideways twists, it was impossible not to scream with both joy and surprise at the thrills!

By the end of the day, we had gone on ten different rides, walked the entirety of the park, and there were still attractions we didn't fit into the day. There seems to always be something do at Six Flags. From roller coasters to water rides to watching shows, there was certainly no shortage of opportunities for everyone to enjoy the day.

Perfect weather, many rides, and great company made the day a perfect one. I loved spending time with my family and getting to explore the park!

If you're looking for something new to do this summer, be sure to consider heading to Six Flags for a day of fun. Pro tip: use a Coke product can to get a discount on your ticket!

Have you been to a Six Flags park before? What are your favorite types of rides?


Thank you to Six Flags Great America for providing the tickets for our day at the park!

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